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I LOVE a good glass of wine… but I HATE feeling ripped off!

As a former sommelier and wine school owner, I knew the right glass shape optimizes smell and taste.Every time I paid $10 glass for wine in a plastic cup, I let out a little whine - It tasted like $2 and spilled everywhere!

I invented HaloVino® so my friends and I would have a SMART, FUN & AFFORDABLE wine tumbler everywhere we loved drinking wine, even if glass wasn't permitted.

Its innovative geometry, with narrow rim and wide body, makes wine taste better without the spills, so you can cheer louder & play longer at the pool, park, boating, camping, and concerts.

Say goodbye to sacrificing quality & taste for cost & convenience! With HaloVino®, you can have your wine and enjoy it too!


Jessica Bell
Inventor & Owner of HaloVino®


Having taught thousands of wine aficionados and professionals over the last decade, Jessica Bell feels most comfortable with a glass of wine in hand. In recent years, however, she began to notice a glass of wine at non-glass venues, like stadiums and concerts, was not an option.
A relentless closet inventor, Jessica set out to invent a wine glass that would be the smart and fun solution to non-glass wine consumption. With a Beta launch in summer 2016, HaloVino®, the world’s first shatterproof, stackable, stemless wine glass, can now be found at MLB ballparks, NBA stadiums, major festivals, grocery stores and backyard shindigs.

Jessica admits her professional trajectory post-NYC-investment-banking days has been a thinly veiled attempt to legitimize her wine drinking, dining out and traveling the world. Upon leaving Goldman Sachs, she worked at a winery in Spain, then as a sommelier in New York City and, finally, as wine school owner in Milwaukee and Chicago. An internationally respected wine educator, Jessica served as France’s Armagnac Ambassador, USAID’s wine education liaison to the Republic of Georgia and Napa Valley Vintner’s prestigious scholarship recipient. She is also an approved educator of several regions including Burgundy, Rhone and Spain, and holds a Diploma in Wine & Spirits from the WSET®, and a certificate in Viticulture & Vinification from the American Sommelier Association.

Jessica can be found on radio and TV as a regular wine contributor, and host of Emmy award winning food show, Wisconsin Foodie. As a mom to two young children and a hustling startup founder, Jessica currently has no hobbies outside drinking wine, eating out, traveling and spending time with her family… and is loving every second of it!